Adventures of a Postdoc


I’ve had a long journey that, looking back, makes me wonder what I was thinking along the way.  To keep it short, I was an engineering major until my senior year of college.  I finally changed my major to Psychology as I came to the realization that graduation was approaching and I’d have to make a living doing something I hate.  It’s a lot easier when you’re a student to not be as concerned about how happy you are with your major (aka future career).

After an extra 2 semesters I took Post-Baccalaureate courses and in the process decided I wanted to teach and work with students, as that has been the most rewarding aspect of the past decade.  I started a PhD program in Neuroscience and Psychology and after 6 grueling years, had my degree.  They say that doing a Postdoc never hurts – so I accepted one.  I finished my Postdoc at a major medical school and am currently teaching at a community college.

I’ve realized that while I enjoy research, my love of teaching will always take precedent.  I also love mentoring undergraduates.  Not surprisingly, I am applying to liberal arts colleges where I can teach, have my own lab, and share my research and teaching interests with undergraduate students.  Eventually, I’d like a position with more student contact combined with administrative responsibilities. 

So I’m currently an ex-Postdoc turned instructor.  I’m trying to mix a lot of my past experiences with my current ones, so that I won’t have to change the title of this blog.  So here goes.

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